Harry Müller - A great "old-fashioned" camera repair shop

It has been a while since I wanted to visit this camera repair shop in Santiago. Not that I really needed it (I was actually more interested in buying some new-old camera...) but I was curious to see how this place was and how they were working, repairing and servicing all type of cameras, from very old ones to modern digital SLR. 

This place is amazing, and Mr Müller and his son are very kind people. From what I've seen in the time spent there with them, they really work in an passionate and professional way. During more than 40 years of activity, they have acquired so much experience (and stored out of  production spare parts for all the brands ever existed...) that makes them able to successfully fix issues that other "official" camera services would probably classify as impossible. 

For me, as a photography gear lover and vintage stuff collector, this is a dream place! 

You can find them in Paseo Ahumada 312 (Of. 402), Santiago de Chile. Phone number (+56 2) 26983596.